Caring For Your Cashmere

We are fanatical about caring for our cashmere and to ensure that you get the best possible enjoyment from your Campbell & Co. knitwear we want you to be too.

All of our garments are made from 100% Mongolian cashmere - a natural and sensitive fibre - and as such are very soft and delicate. Cashmere fibres can be harmed when agitated or affected by heat or exposure to too many chemicals.  


We suggest several ways to clean your cashmere:

A Loving Hand Wash

Our favourite method is a gentle hand wash in cold water using a natural cashmere / wool cleanser.  Flat dry on a clean towel in the shade. 

Dry Cleaning

Our knitwear can be dry cleaned, however we do not suggest doing so frequently due to the harsh chemicals used in the dry cleaning process.

Delicate Machine Wash

This is a tricky one, but it can be done safely!  Using a front loader washing machine, ensure your cashmere is in a delicates bag, and use a natural cashmere / wool cleanser. If you do not have a front loader then machine washing is not for you.


The Must Nots of Cashmere Care. 

We recommend never using fabric softener when cleaning your cashmere.  The chemicals will agitate the fibres and make your knitwear lose its natural softness and look dull.

Never tumble dry or hang your cashmere to dry.  When not treated gently, cashmere can stretch or shrink.


A note on Pilling

Pilling is a natural part of wearing in your cashmere and will most often occur after friction from wear.  Handbags, coats etc when rubbed against your cashmere can cause pilling to occur.  Use a Campbell & Co. Cashmere Comb to remove loose fibres as needed.  Always move your comb gently in one direction.  Do not use a razor or electric device to remove pilling as this will likely lead to damaging your cashmere.


Storing your Cashmere

We recommend folding your knitwear and storing it in a cupboard or drawer. 


Treat your Campbell & Co. knit with love and it will love you back for years to come.