Cashmere Comb

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A Campbell & Co. Cashmere Comb is essential when caring for your cosy cashmere.

Our Cashmere Combs are made of beechwood and iron mesh. Size: Length 7.5cm, Height 4.3cm.

Pilling is a natural part of wearing in your cashmere and will most often occur after friction from wear.  Handbags, coats etc when rubbed against your cashmere can cause pilling to occur. All natural fibres are prone to pilling.

You can refresh your cosy cashmere with our Cashmere Combs to keep it looking and feeling luxurious season after season.

Simply lay your garment on a flat surface and smooth out any creases. Use your Campbell & Co. Cashmere Comb in quick and light strokes in a downward motion to carefully comb any pilling fibres.

Treat your cashmere with love and it will love you for years to come!